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The Iris III digital printing machine

For digital printing on any material we offer a comprehensive range of printers. We began developing our digital printing skill with our first machine, Iris 1000, in 2012. We now have the third iteration of that machine: Iris III. A high-precision digital printing machine that is among the most innovative on the market and remarkably efficient. A fourth iteration is scheduled for release during 2020.

This range can be used for several types of digital printing:

  • Monochrome: a single colour of ink, varnish or primer,
  • Two-colour process: two colours of ink, varnish or primer,
  • Four-colour process: the four colours, CMYK,
  • Four-colour process + white: the four colours CMYK in association with white.

The characteristics of Iris III

Iris III enables digital printing on any material: plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard. The Iris digital printing machine can be used in various fields, including consumer goods, homeware, medicine, publishing, packaging and the transport sector.

Standard printing widths, meaning the width of the marking, can range from 72mm to 282mm. Products can be up to 280mm thick. Thickness and width may be increased on request.

Thanks to its single pass jetting technology, Iris III’s output speed is more than 30,000 products per hour and up to 81m per minute. It delivers HD print quality up to 1800 dpi.

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