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Our skills

Digital printing on objects

Our ink jet marking technique

Since 2011, Alpilles Automation has been proving its skill in the industrial digital printing sector. Thanks to our own IRIS range of single pass printing machines, we can bring your plans to life.

This technique, which Alpilles Automation masters completely, involves reproducing a digital file identically on an object. In order to get a durable and high-quality print, the digital printer breaks the file into pixels, which, in turn, are split into five colour maps: White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These primary colours form the basis from which all other colours are made.

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What we offer

A comprehensive range of printing machines and robots

Our solutions for digital printing on objects

Specialists in industrial single pass digital printing, we developed, in 2012, an innovative and remarkably efficient range of machines that we call IRIS. Discover the third iteration now !

What we do

The DNA of Alpilles Automation

Experts in industrial robotics and automation

Having started out working on industrial robotics and automation, Alpilles Automation has never stopped developing over the years.

In 2011 Alpilles Automation developed a new high-tech business sector: industrial digital printing on objects.

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