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Alpilles Automation was founded in October 2001 on the initiative of Claude NOUGUIER. The company originally worked across two sectors: industrial robotics and industrial automation.

Alpilles Automation went on to enjoy double-digit growth every year.

In 2005 the company moved into new premises, which it expanded the following year before buying a new one in 2018.

In 2011 the company developed a new area of business: digital printing. A number of Research and Development investments were made that year, leading to the introduction of the Iris 1000 machine two years later.

In 2014 this initial machine was updated and replaced by Iris 2. Iris 3 arrived in 2015.

Since then the success of the Iris 3 machine has enabled Alpilles Automation to undertake further research in the aim of developing a new generation of machine, with Iris 4 scheduled for Mid 2021.