High-speed printing on lids for McCormick

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McCormick reached out to us to solve an issue with mass printing on lids for the Ducros brand, which the company owns.

Previously, Ducros used to stick a label on to bottles listing the expiry date, contents  and logo. That required printing a very large number of different labels, since expiry dates and content change very often.

That is why we designed a series of three identical machines to print at high speed – around 25,000 per hour – so that the information could be printed directly on to the lid of the final product, dispensing with the need to print and stick on labels.

Digital printing offers a considerable advantage: it is easy to change the file because it is electronic. That led for Ducros, greatly reducing handling and storage requirements.

The lids that can now be found on Ducros products in shops have been printed on by machines from the Iris range developed by Alpilles Automation.